A technical conference in privacy and financial technology

Monero Konferenco is an annual meeting of privacy advocates, cypherpunks, scientists, and philosophers. The Konferenco is funded by generous donors from the Monero community and support from sponsors, designed to disseminate scientific and technical results in privacy and financial technologies like censorship-resistant digital cash.

Venue: Arroz Estúdios, Lisbon | 18-19th June 2022

This year, MoneroKon will be hosted at Arroz Estúdios, an art & cultural space run by a non-profit association for emerging local and international artists. It is based in the Beato district of Lisbon.

Address: Av. Infante Dom Henrique, 1900-320 Lisboa, Portugal [OpenStreetMap]

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  • Privacy is a fundamental right

    We consider privacy to be a fundamental human right, and we acknowledge that the use of privacy technology is, for some, a matter of personal safety.

  • We hope you can contribute

    Come participate in discussions, make a proposal, and help us move privacy forward one conversation at a time. A cashless society lacking basic financial privacy can not remain an open society for long.

  • Live Stream

    Monero Konferenco will be live streamed for free (free as in beer) on https://live.monerokon.com. Individual talks are going to be uploaded after the event.

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