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About Space

c-base is the oldest crashed space station on earth. Its purpose is to increase knowledge and skills pertaining to computer software, hardware and data networks. Nerds, SciFi-Fans and digital activists founded c-base non-profit association in 1995. Learn more.

Short Film Screening

After a long day of talks and workshops on Day 1, stretch, relax, and bring out the popcorn and Club-Mate for movie night at c-base. Enjoy curated sci-fi/tech short films by award wining directors.

Every child has the right to be happy - by law - are the words of a future social worker, forcing a happy patch/micro doser on a girl, living isolated with her mom.

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When two outcast teens hack into a drone delivery system to pull a prank on the girl next door, they accidentally redirect a critical shipment.

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The younger of two men on a spaceship in orbit goes insane, obsessed with the older man’s white eyeball and awaits opportunity to take it.

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Lifelong friends and scientists Nate, Chloe and Bernard believe they are safely creating A.I. within virtual reality, until their creation, Kate, learns it’s at risk of being shut down.

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Based on Richard Brautigan poem All watched over by machines of loving grace, 1967. Dystopia is no longer tomorrow. It is here, now and today. Entropy is real and will never stop.

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Disk Jockeys